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At Walter Roofing, we are always looking to share our knowledge on roofing, solar, siding, and storm restoration. Whether it’s giving homeowners tips on when to replace their roof, or spreading awareness to business owners about Iowa and Nebraska laws that can help protect their properties— we want to equip our customers with the best resources. Read our blog for more information, and check out the latest news about Walter Roofing!

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  • Regular roof inspections play a vital role in identifying potential issues and preventing costly repairs. If you reside in Des Moines, Iowa, this blog post will guide you through the process of a roof inspection, emphasizing the specific considerations for the local area. You'll learn about the importance of roof inspections, the inspection process, and [...]

  • Walter Roofing+Solar, a roofing and solar energy company in West Des Moines, Iowa, recently donated a new roof to a Ukrainian family in Lucas, Iowa. The family had been living in a house with a leaky roof, which caused significant damage and made the home unsafe to live in. The family, who had immigrated to [...]

  • The Insurance Claim Process If you live in Iowa, you know that hail storms are not uncommon. These storms can bring heavy rain, high winds, and hailstones that can damage your home or car. If you have insurance coverage, it's important to understand the insurance claim process after a hail storm. Here's a step-by-step guide [...]

  • CITYVIEW’S Best of Des Moines has been central Iowa’s biggest poll for being the best at what you do. Being recognized as on of the best in Des Moines is no easy road as there are tons of great businesses in every industry. Rising to the top is no easy task as it comes with [...]

  • As a homeowner in the Des Moines Metro, it’s important to stay informed about local building codes and regulations. One such law, Iowa Law 5.44(1), pertains to replacement cost for roofs. Line of sight law requires that in the event of a covered insurance loss, the repairs must be done with the same materials that [...]

  • It’s no secret that the cost of living has had a steady increase over the past several decades. With that being said, finding ways to save money is a constant search. One way people are saving is through solar energy. As the world works to move away from fossil fuels and toward sustainable, renewable sources [...]

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