Walter Roofing— Giving Back to Central Iowa & Nebraska Communities

We believe that using our business to give back to our local communities is crucial in creating positive change and building a stronger foundation for opportunities to grow. That’s why at Walter Roofing, we make it our purpose to not only help as many people as possible with our services, but to use our profits and resources to give back to organizations that we hold near and dear to our hearts. As a team, we work together to promote empowerment and create moments for collaboration in any way that we can.

Walter Roofing + Solar team at Target Trafficking event, benefitting Wings of Refuge for sex trafficking survivors

Nonprofit Organizations We Support

Hope Family Services

We are proud supporters of Hope Family Services in Bradenton, FL. They help women who are victims of domestic abuse, offering resources, counseling, advocacy, a safe space, and so much more. With their 24/7 text and phone hotlines, they work diligently to make getting help easier for those who are in domestic abuse situations. Since inception, we’ve helped over 100 survivors of domestic violence receive food, shelter, therapy, and get back on their feet. We donate 1.5% of our profits to them in memory of our cousin, Sabrina Dumdei.

Rescue Rehab Rehome

In honor of our dear Walter, we support Rescue Rehab Rehome right here in Des Moines, IA. We adopted Walter from Rescue Rehab Rehome, a non-kill shelter that is foster-based. Animals live in homes while they are up for adoption instead of a shelter, saving hundreds of dogs and cats right here in Des Moines every single year. We cover the cost of two adoption fees for dogs every quarter, as well as donating 1.5% of our proceeds to help with veterinary costs.

Local Community Organizations

No matter where we go or what we do, we make it our mission to support nonprofit organizations and local small businesses. Whether it’s stopping by a mom and pop restaurant for a midday lunch break, or setting big project goals to support nonprofit events – our team Walter Roofing + Solar is passionate about letting voices be heard.

Other Missions, Organizations & Events Supported by Walter Roofing

Walter Roofing + Solar team poses after serving at charity event

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