Residential & Multi-Family Roofing in Central Iowa & Nebraska With Walter Roofing

Whether your roof is looking weathered or a storm just passed through, Walter Roofing offers the highest quality services starting with a free inspection to assess, and then either repair, replace, or restore. A professional roofing service will get you the protection and investment you need to ensure both your assets and loved ones are safe. When you work with Walter Roofing, you will receive high-quality results that include professional inspection, long-lasting materials, and expert installation.

When you need roofing repairs for your home or business, in or around Central Iowa and Nebraska, the team at Walter Roofing is here to help. Thanks to our expert roofing team, we are able to repair or replace damaged or old roofs. We install multiple types of roofs from TAMKO, IKO, and Owens Corning Architectural shingles, to both metal roofs and flat roofs.

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Insurance Claim Assistance for Roofing

Our team at Walter Roofing is highly-versed and knowledgeable in the insurance industry when it comes to claiming assistance for your roofing service. We work directly with you and your insurance, mediating communication to get you the best coverage we can.

Financing Your Roof Repair or Replacement

Walter Roofing is proud partners with a local Iowa credit union, offering financing options unique to the service you need for your roofing needs. We understand the importance in getting the funding you need for professional, expert service.

Flat commercial roof.

Expert Commercial Flat Roof Installation & Maintenance

Invest in your business with a commercial flat roof installation from the Commercial Roofing Specialists at Walter Roofing. All roof systems require alterations or replacements at some point in time. Throughout each and every project, we’re focused on ensuring continuous service and adherence to schedules, with emphasis on meeting deadlines and getting the job done right. On duty 24/7, our specialists are ready to handle any call involving emergencies or service requests. Your roof protects your business, employees, customers, and every important asset- let us be your first call when you need assistance. 

As a commercial roofing installer, we are certified with Versico Roofing Systems, compliant with the Davis Bacon Act. The team at Walter Roofing is diligent in our commitment to providing commercial flat roofing services that go above and beyond.

Secure Your Business With a Protection Program That Goes Above & Beyond

Your flat roofing system may comprise 20% of your total building envelope, but it’s protecting 100% of the assets below it. Any damage can be an inconvenient and costly affair; our Walter Protection Program can be customized to meet your needs to help you save money over the lifecycle of your roof. If you are managing one or multiple roofs, we have a customized program in place that will give you the confidence that every component of your roof is being looked at and managed.

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Does My Roof Need Replaced?

There are many reasons that roofs need to be repaired, replaced, or inspected. Leave it to the experts at Walter Roofing + Solar to give you the best service when the unexpected happens. You need your roof replaced if:

  • It’s more than 20 years old
  • It’s missing shingles
  • It needs frequent repairs
  • It’s sagging or shrinking
  • It’s leaking

It is also very important to have your roof inspected following any type of severe storm. High winds, hail and falling branches are among the many aspects of severe weather that can cause major damage to your home or business.

See What a New Roof Will Look Like on Your Home With Owens Corning Visualization!

As proud partners and certified installers of Owens Corning, Walter Roofing offers access to their free online visualizer. You can see what a new roof looks like on your home by uploading a few pictures and letting the program render the exact specifications of what their shingles will look like. Whether you’re looking to change the color of your roof, or upgrade to a look that is more on-trend with the home industry— visualizing the future of your home’s roof has never been easier.

green and tan brick home in country post-roofing service

Walter’s Doggy Deal

Worried about needing to kennel or board your dog while your roof is getting replaced? Not wanting to pay that extra cost? We’ve got you covered! With our Walter Doggy Deal, we’ll cover the cost of daycare during our service. As dog-lovers ourselves, we know how important the well being of your furry friend is to you. 

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