As a homeowner in the Des Moines Metro, it’s important to stay informed about local building codes and regulations. One such law, Iowa Law 5.44(1), pertains to replacement cost for roofs. Line of sight law requires that in the event of a covered insurance loss, the repairs must be done with the same materials that are on the home now. If the material has been discontinued or is no longer available in that color/style then a full replacement is deemed necessary.

Iowa Law 5.44(1) Replacement cost. When the policy provides for the adjustment and settlement of first-party losses based on replacement cost, the following shall apply:

b. When a loss requires replacement of items and the replaced items do not match in quality, color or size, the insurer shall replace as much of the item as is necessary to result in a reasonably uniform appearance within the same line of sight. This sub-rule applies to interior and exterior losses. Exceptions may be made on a case-by- case basis. The insured shall not bear any cost over the applicable deductible, if any.

The purpose of this law is to ensure that homes in the state are protected against severe weather conditions, such as a derecho and tornadoes. A roof that meets the requirements of Iowa Law 5.44(1) can help reduce the risk of damage to your home and the cost of repairs in the event of a storm.

Let’s put this into perspective: Many times a homeowner will think they have damage from a storm. They then call insurance to get an estimate done prior to selecting a contractor. The insurance will come out and award the homeowner for only repairs on the roof and siding. If the roof is 10+ years old (which most are) chances are the shingles or siding manufacturer no longer makes the same color or product. This validates the importance of selecting a proven and reputable company to help with the insurance process and to do full replacements when needed.

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